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VIDEO: Rich DeSalvo Shares Our Value Proposition in Short

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A Message from the f3Logic Founders

As business owners we get solicited all too often. Frankly, most of it is of little value and too much noise.

Let’s get right to it.

As RIA business owners, how do we optimize revenue, minimize change, and manage our regulatory and headline risks?

This is about how revenue derived from your AUM should go to your bottom line, not someone else’s. It’s not your responsibility to pay for your vendor’s capitalization.

To date, most middle and back office service providers will price to their own margins, not yours. f3Logic’s technology suite and bespoke approach for RIAs has changed that narrative as we look to:

  • Lower your expenses paid to key vendors

  • Improve your margins

  • Improve your net revenues

  • Diversify and increase your revenue streams

  • Improve your free cash flow

  • Increase your intrinsic value

  • Lower your client account fees

Our RIA Architectural Services help take your independence as an owner and advisor from conception to completion in a single stream. There is no reason to pay more than you have to.

Click here to learn about the services we offer that other RIA firms are finding to be the foundation for their C-Suite Approach.  

  • Short and Long-term Planning

  • AUM and Economic Growth

  • Recruiting New Advisors

  • Long-term Sustainability

We do not charge any upfront or ongoing consulting fees. We only earn a fee when AUM is under an advisory account.

We welcome your feedback or request for a brief Zoom Meeting to introduce ourselves and talk about the f3Logic offerings.

Please be safe in these unfamiliar times,

The f3Logic Founders

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