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Mike Vaules

Financial Advisor

Mike is a graduate of St. Joseph’s University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance, before entering the financial service industry in 1998. He has stayed current in his profession by attending and speaking at workshops, constantly doing research, and writing articles for industry journals.

Mike has extensive experience working on a national level specializing in educating employees about how their pension and savings plans work and transitioning employees of large corporations into retirement. He also has developed a strong practice around trust accounts and strategies to pass on generational wealth.

“I began my career with a large wire house servicing my clients on a verity of financial needs. What I realized was the best way to service clients was to focus in on one area and become the specialist on one topic…Understanding corporate pension and savings plans and guiding individuals from employee to retiree, running FlagStone Wealth Management allows me to do just that, providing sound advice that is in the client’s best interest now and for the future. As wealth transitions to the next generation, the need for proper legacy planning and understanding is even more important.”

Mike Vaules

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