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Kevin Nentwich

Strategy and Development Leader - Financial Planning

Kevin is responsible for assisting in developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives. Kevin is the key link between the managing partners and the advisors and is integral to f3Logic’s success by translating the overall goals of the company into an actionable plan.

Over his more than twenty-year career, Kevin has achieved success as both an advisor and an entrepreneur.  These different perspectives on the industry have given Kevin the unique skills of marketing to clients, gathering assets, and overseeing teams of advisors.   Kevin knows what makes an advisor effective, understands their entrepreneurial spirit, and fosters achievement.

Prior to joining f3Logic, Kevin was an IAR and President of Financial Consultants of America, a retirement and financial planning firm in Richmond, VA.  At FCA, Kevin has often worked with clients transitioning to retirement from utility companies and unions which made him a specialist in retirement plans, specifically pensions and 401ks.   Through this experience, Kevin mastered the key factors influencing retirement needs such as pension eligibility, qualification for medical benefits, options for 401ks, etc.

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