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Jason Orlosky

Chief Investment Officer

Jason Orlosky is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for f3Investment Management. In this role, Jason oversees the firm’s investment strategies as well as market outlook. His approach to the markets is based on long-term market trends and focusing on areas of economic growth.​ Proficient in a variety of areas, Jason’s work across f3Investment Management is diverse and broad reaching. Jason oversees the development and maintenance of all asset allocation models for f3Investment Management. The purpose of his strategies are to equip advisors with solutions that attempt to successfully mitigate risk while maximize value over the long term.

Jason started his career in the Wealth Management division of Lehman Brothers. In his roles at the firm, he designed portfolios for executives, institutions, and non-profits as well as worked with a number of the firm’s top wealth management clients. Following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, he moved to UBS to help rebuild his team’s wealth management business.

In 2010, Jason joined Barclays Wealth Americas to help rebuild the former Lehman Brother’s wealth management division. In his role as a Senior Portfolio Strategist, he helped to rebuild the offices for the eastern half of the United States and Buenos Aires. During his tenure at Barclays, he joined the firm’s investment committee and then helped to launch the division’s portfolio management group. Within his roll as the Head of Thematic Portfolio Strategies and Head of the Tactical Allocation ETF Portfolios in the portfolio management group, Jason developed the foundation for many of the strategies that he still manages today.

Following the sale of Barclays Wealth Americas to Stifel, Jason first became the CIO for the BPG Group and Senior Portfolio Manager of the ETF and High Dividend Equities Strategies. Jason then expanded his network across Stifel as the Director of Thematic Strategies and a member of the firm’s Investment Strategy Group. In these rolls Jason was responsible for the development, implementation, and ongoing management of model equity portfolio strategies and the Tactical ETF Strategies.​ He has also served as a member of Stifel’s Tactical Asset Allocation Investment Committee.

Most recently, Jason was the Chief Market Strategist and Head of Bridgeway Asset Management at Bridgeway Wealth Partners, a regional RIA. In this role, he oversaw Bridgeway’s asset management and insurance activities.

Jason lives in Southern Connecticut with his wife and three children. He received a B.S. from Babson College in Babson Park, Massachusetts.

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