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Our Executive Team & Founders

R. DeSalvo Headshot-01.png

Rich DeSalvo

CEO and Founder


As CEO and Founder for f3Logic, LLC., Rich provides leadership for the f3Logic family of companies.  f3Logic offers high-level reporting, trading, billing, as well as investment research, commentary, and true fiduciary services to RIAs while removing the bureaucracy of larger organizations. f3Logic gives IARs and RIAs the middle and back-end office support they need with the freedom to evolve their professional and business structures over time. Considered an industry thought-leader, Rich applies his knowledge and expertise towards delivering a superior advisory experience. 

K. Nentwich Headshot-01.png

Kevin Nentwich

Managing Partner & Founder

Kevin is responsible for assisting in developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives. Kevin is the key link between the senior executives and the advisors and is integral to f3Logic’s success by translating the overall goals of the company into an actionable plan.

M. Kusske Headshot-01.png

Mary B. Kusske

Chief Financial Officer & Founder


As CFO of f3Logic, Mary helps shape the direction and purpose of the firm. She is also the founder of Kusske Financial Inc, a firm specializing in helping retirees and pre-retirees work toward financial independence.

M. LaBrie Headshot-01.png

Michael LaBrie



For Mike, retirement is a state of financial independence – where he’s working because he wants to, not because he has to. Mike has a number of interests, but only a few great passions – one of which is his work. His ideal retirement will be that point when he is able to fit his interests between his passions and achieve life’s quest for balance.

T. Nee Headshot-01.png

Thomas Nee



Tom graduated from Merrimack College in 1990 and quickly entered the financial industry.  After several years he found his passion in the retirement planning arena.  Along with Mike LaBrie in 1994 they established Compass Point Retirement Planning, Inc., which is one of the premier retirement planning firms in New England.

J. Desmidt Headshot-01.png

Jon DeSmidt

Chief Compliance Officer


As Chief Compliance Officer for f3Logic, LLC, Jon DeSmidt is responsible for the overall compliance program of the firm.  He also serves as f3Logic’s compliance liaison, responsible for facilitating the execution of our compliance requirements and responsibilities in relation to our broker/dealer, Independent Financial Group.

W. Martinez Headshot-01.png

Wendy Martinez

Director of Operations


As Director of Operations for f3Logic, Wendy oversees day to day operations of the firm as well as the creation and implementation of internal policies and procedures. She also supervises account maintenance including billing, reporting, client data, and the client portal.

J. Orlosky Headshot-01.png

Jason Orlosky

Chief Investment Officer


Jason Orlosky is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO).  In this role, Jason oversees the firm’s investment strategies as well as market outlook. His approach to the markets is based on long-term market trends and focusing on areas of economic growth.

J. Castaneda Headshot-01.png

Jesus Castaneda

Operations & Tech Integrations Manager


As Operations Manager for f3Logic, Jesus supports all f3Logic DBAs with new account requests. From facilitating necessary paperwork to client relationship setup, he ensures that all aspects are executed in a timely manner. Jesus also assists with billing and the implementation of the rebalancing platform to support advisors and clients behind the scenes.

M. Vaccaro Headshot-01.png

Mike Vaccaro

Head of Business Development


As Head of business development for f3logic, Mike helps share our suite of services to the Advisor and RIA community. With Mike’s experience at a major investment bank and in operations/back office services, he is well qualified to work within the industry and provide a great experience for those interested in our story.

S. Ruecker Headshot-01.png

Sara Ruecker 

Operations,Billing & Support Manager

As Billing Specialist for f3Logic, Sara is responsible for the creation and maintenance of portfolios and accounts, monthly billing processes, account investment in models, and daily reports for client account data. She also aids with the portfolio accounting system including the client portal, data reconciliation, data mining, and billing.

LaKaisha Headshot-01.png

LaKaisha McMurray

Operations Associate

LaKaisha is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service to advisors and their support teams. LaKaisha has over five years experience in the financial services industry with a concentration in the advisory space. She previously worked at NPC as an Advisory Operations Associate.

E. Lucke Headshot-01.png

Erica Lucke

Transition Specialist


As a Transition Specialist for f3Logic, Erica assists individuals and firms of all sizes navigate the complicated transition process. In preparation for the move to true independence, she provides expertise in back and middle office support including technology, compliance, training, and more. Erica has the knowledge and expertise to help whether you are changing Broker Dealers, creating a separate Registered Investment Advisor, or joining the Independent space.

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