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Zoom in On Your Clients

Earn Your Worth

It’s almost unthinkable that we’re confronting a global pandemic but it’s here. While clients are concerned about their personal well-being and the safety of their loved ones, market swings are compounding stress every day. We all like to feel in control but it’s very difficult when our individual and financial health is in jeopardy. Advisors need to be strong leaders during this tumultuous time and do our part to keep clients as calm and informed as possible.

In my opinion, this is the time to be great! Social distancing may prohibit you from seeing clients in person but that should not stop you from reminding them how much you care. Set up a Zoom account or another, similar, video calling application and have a live chat. When clients speak with you face to face, the conversation is much more personal. With in-person meetings becoming less common in the current situation, these calls are that much more important and impactful.

Using live video to communicate is most likely a new tool for you and your clients. Before jumping right into a call, take a few moments and familiarize yourself with the software by going over some tutorials. Important functions to understand include starting a call, adjusting audio, muting, messaging, and more. Preparation is key to a smooth delivery which will give your clients confidence that you are in control of this unexpected situation.

To conduct the best possible video call, make sure you have proper lighting, a professional backdrop, a clear voice, and good video quality. All of these can be accomplished by visiting the most popular online discount stores. You should consider purchasing lighting with stands, personalized backdrops, a quality headset, and a camera. I recently had an f3Logic banner made for less than a dinner and a movie. Also, from a compliance perspective, this is great because calls can be recorded and transcribed for your regulatory records (as long as you’ve received the caller’s permission to do so).

For a small investment, you can conduct professional video calls that will make clients more comfortable and allow them to focus on what’s most important. If time is of the essence, even a quick FaceTime could make all the difference and give clients much needed peace of mind. In these stressful and isolating times, let’s safely “open the door” for clients and reassure them that their financial future is well in hand.

Don’t just be there for your immediate family, make sure your business family knows you care as well.

Rich DeSalvo

CEO and Founder

f3Logic, LLC

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