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The Power of Speak

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

There is No Substitute

“I love you.”
“It’s a girl!”
“Will you marry me?”

These words conjure the best moments of our lives and are even more impactful when spoken by the ones we love. Although text communication is ubiquitous, it cannot convey the same feeling as the spoken word. Imagine if your soulmate proposed via a text or direct messaging on Instagram. It’s just not the same.

Speech can express passion, thoughtfulness, integrity, character, selflessness, love, and so much more on top of what is actually being said. An emoji, even with all its color and charm, simply falls short. A text cannot possibly hope to convey the range and complexity of human expression. The pen, or in this case a keyboard, may indeed be mightier than the sword, but vocalizing the written word can influence the world.

When it comes to your clients, think about how you communicate. Do you meet or call your clients regularly and demonstrate your care and passion to serve others? Or, are you an email manufacturer, conveying this month’s asset allocation methodology?

If you put yourself in the mindset of a client, it’s easy to see which you would prefer. Digital communication has become the norm but it’s not the best form of communication. It may allow you to communicate with clients more frequently, but frequency does not make that communication more impactful. It may feel like you are touching base in a modern and sophisticated way, but your clients may miss out on the small nuances in your voice and style of speaking that makes your relationship with them so strong.

Your voice and the thoughts you share provide confidence and comfort to so many. Information on the capital markets is only a path, it’s your voice that guides clients toward their financial freedom.

Take a moment and evaluate the structure of your day. Don’t be afraid to alter your schedule and free up time to connect with those that are most important in your professional career, your clients. Call a client for no reason other than to say hello. Let them hear how much you care. Let the tone of your voice remind them why they chose to have you as their advisor in the first place. To a client, there is no substitute for your voice, and you must use it to make an impact that no text or email could ever have.

Pick up the phone, your clients are waiting.

Rich DeSalvo

CEO and Founder

f3Logic, LLC

Where Fiduciary Freedom is First

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