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Looking back on 4 years as f3Logic

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Ever since our inception in November of 2017, we have sought to provide advisors with a platform

that allows for growth, support, and the ability to feel like more than just a number. Over the years,

we had the pleasure of not only experiencing exponential firm level growth, but we have also

been afforded the opportunity to play a part in the upward trajectory of our partnered advisors. What

we hope to provide you with here is a glance into where we started, where we are, and further, where

we go from here. You will find some brief statistics that highlight the expansion of our business as well as obtain a glance into how we believe we may be able to help you on your journey towards becoming an entrepreneur in the wealth management space.


How far we’ve come

We have been able to accomplish a lot in four years. Though our focus has been and will continue to be set on where we go from here, and how we can replicate our firm growth for our advisors, looking back to see just how far we’ve come can offer up some additional perspectives.

Since 2017:

  1. f3Logic has amassed over 1.135 Billion in Assets Under Management seeing an average growth rate of 33% per year

  2. We have recently welcomed our 25th advisor to the f3family

  3. What started as one full time f3Logic team member has grown to 7 full time employees with more to come in the near future

  4. The number of f3Logic in-house accounts has risen from 216 at inception to over 5,400 to date, an overall increase of 2,438%


What Our Growth Has Taught Us

Over the course of the past four years, we have been fortunate enough to speak with many advisors who are looking towards independence. Those who have chosen to come on board have provided us with insight as to why they made their decision, and what they further hope to accomplish with the help of the f3Logic support structure:

  1. Advisors don’t want to compete with their employers

  2. They want to feel in control of their practice and have the ability to act as a true fiduciary

  3. They speak to feeling suffocated by compliance regulation and repetitive reviews

  4. Our advisors allude to a desire to feel supported in their efforts and structured in their approach

  5. The independent model allows for true freedom and transparency

  6. Becoming independent can be fearful, and having the proper structure in place can make all the difference

If you find yourself aligning with any of the above, f3Logic can be your long term solution.


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