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f3Logic is Now a Gallagher Company

November 2022

f3Logic, LLC is excited to announce their merger partnership with Arthur J. Gallagher and Co. broadening Gallagher’s ability to deliver financial wellness-related benefits via the talent, technology and investment offerings found within the f3 Companies.

f3Logic is and will continue to be Fiduciary Focus First. While providing best-in-class investment platforms and technology to you is an important aspect of f3Logic, the experienced executive team also works closely with each firm to provide support in all facets of an advisory business. From initial planning to technology and compliance, f3Logic has the resources required to build a sturdy advisory structure and maintain it over time.

f3Logic has made this decision to provide services at a higher level to our clients. There will be a deeper layer of expertise, capabilities, and offerings made available to advisors as we bring Wall Street even closer to Main Street.

The Gallagher Companies, a Fortune 500 global leader in insurance, risk management and consulting services, saw the f3 platform as the cornerstone solution to create the ideal financial planning and wealth management business they envision. Identifying an alignment of values and client first approach, Gallagher proposed we merge into a new division of Gallagher. This will allow our platforms and service model to better serve their many clients and the general public nationwide.

This change has been carefully designed to empower you to offer your clients the same high level of service and products you have come to expect. f3Logic now has access to an additional array of tools to build a sturdy advisory structure and maintain it over time. As an f3Logic advisor, you can expect to see the same great service you have come to know, with improvements as we take advantage of Gallagher’s robust resources.

“We’re excited to better serve workers and their loved ones in 2023 by diving deeper into the specific issues they find most concerning – whether that is investing in a volatile market, retirement income, long-term care, estate planning, or saving for milestones. Employers will be able to leverage the knowledge of the retirement plan advisors who consult on the group benefits and the insights of a financial planner to provide their employees with actionable plans based on where an individual is on their career and personal financial journey, retirement plan balance, and goals,” said Rich DeSalvo, Gallagher’s Financial Planning Practice Leader.

Kevin Nentwich, from Financial Consultants of America, adds, “Our team of seasoned financial advisors is passionate about helping individuals and families achieve their financial goals. For decades, we have served people from all occupations and lifestyles in the areas of retirement and estate planning, asset management, taxes, long-term care, and investing. It’s incredibly fulfilling to witness the success those relationships have produced and we remain committed to continuing that high level of service under the Gallagher name.”

Advisors and team relationships at the individual client level have always been and will continue to be our number one focus. While the back office will expand considerably, the local offices and teams should change very little. We will continue to provide the best possible planning and guidance we can and ensure every client is a name, not a number.

You can be confident that the f3Logic you know is committed to you and this path forward, and the changes you will see once we have completed this process, should only be for the better.

To read the official AJ Gallagher press release, click here. To visit their website, click here.

As this transition is ongoing, we will update you as we learn more. Stay tuned!


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