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A Word from One of OurOwn

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

4th Anniversary Series


Case Study Introduction


As a former athlete, I have instilled within me thenotion that any team is only as strong as its weakestlink. As we sought to create a platform that wouldallow advisors to grow through independence, we didso with the understanding that we as f3Logic are tooonly as strong as those we partner with and work tosupport.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of workingwith, and assisting in the growth of numerous,spectacular entrepreneurs, many of which have had ahand in the development and growth of the f3 brand.

Below what you will find is just one example of ourmany advisors who chose to partner with f3Logic andput Fiduciary Focus First. You will hear their story,where they came from, and review answers to a fewquestions about how and why they decided to takeback their control and choose to become a full time,independent, entrepreneur.


Case Study


As one of the original founders and Managing Partner of f3Logic, Kevin is responsible for assisting in developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives. Kevin is the key link between the managing partners and the advisors and is integral to f3Logic’s success by translating the overall goals of the company into an actionable plan.

Over his more than twenty-year career, Kevin has achieved success as both an advisor and an entrepreneur. These different perspectives on the industry have given Kevin the unique skills of marketing to clients, gathering assets, and overseeing teams of advisors. Kevin knows what makes an advisor effective, understands their entrepreneurial spirit, and fosters achievement.

Prior to joining f3Logic, Kevin was an advisor and also President of Financial Consultants of America, a retirement and financial planning firm in Richmond, VA. At FCA, Kevin has often worked with clients transitioning to retirement from utility companies and unions which made him a specialist in retirement plans, specifically pensions and 401ks. Through this experience, Kevin mastered the key factors influencing retirement needs such as pension eligibility, qualification for medical benefits, options for 401ks, etc.


Q&A With Kevin

Why did you decide to get into financial services?

My decision was rooted in my desire to help others achieve their goals while simultaneously achieving my own. There are not many industries that truly allow for the alignment of success, and financial services has offered that to me. I do well if and when my clients do well, and celebrating success together is somewhat of an indescribable feeling.

Are there things you wish you knew when beginning down the path towards independence?

Yes and no.

In one aspect, I wish I could have foreseen the hurdles that would stand in my way so that I may have been better prepared to approach and conquer them. Things like organizational pricing discounts, compliance support, technological integrations, and others all served as initial barriers to entry that were difficult to overcome on my own.

Looking at it in a different light, there was a lot that I learned through adversity that have allowed me and the team at f3 to use our own struggles as learning experiences that we now pass on to our partner firms and advisors. Without those experiences, we would not be in the position we are today to coach, mentor, and assist newly independent advisors in their entrepreneurial ventures.

How has f3Logic assisted in the growth of your business?

It's all about support.

Not only has f3 provided me with the infrastructure required to grow, whether by way of marketing tools, tech, compliance workflows, etc, but also support in approach. f3Logic is more than just a foundation, they are an organization that scales with you every step of the way. In this way, f3Logic gave me the tools to start, but also the tools to remain consistent in my efforts to assist my clients achieve their financial goals.


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