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f3Logic Founder Mary Kusske Recognized for National Award

At f3Logic, our passion for fiduciary services, experience in the investment industry, and commitment to building lasting relationships enables us to provide the highest level of service possible. As f3Logic CFO and CEO of Kusske Financial Management, one of our founding firms, Mary Kusske embodies the ideals we strive towards every day. Her dedication to helping clients and advisors alike reach the destination of true freedom is unparalleled. Because of her hard work and enthusiasm, it is no surprise that Mary was recognized by the Financial Services Institute’s (FSI) inaugural advocacy recognition awards program and the first Stephen R. Kareta Excellence in Advocacy Award. I know I am speaking for everyone at f3Logic when I say that we are proud to have Mary Kusske as a Founder and Leader in our firm. We look forward to the heights she will help our team, partnered advisors, and clients achieve. Congratulations, Mary on a well-deserved honor!

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