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On behalf of f3Logic and its Founders, I am proud to share:  Learn. Build. Grow.

Beyond its brevity is clarity and creativity. These three words define our mission, vision, and intentions as we evolve into premier provider in the wealth management space.

Allow me to explain.


Rather than using memorization to teach you the right answers, we are passionate about teaching you to ask the right questions. Our team aims to broaden your mind and open you up to new possibilities. Your prior experiences, successes, and accomplishments, although valuable, may not provide the answers you need, especially if you are looking to transition firms. f3Logic offers the knowledge to empower you to become a self-reliant, true professional in this space. Whether you wish to run your own RIA firm or be an Investment Advisor Representative, we provide lasting lessons so you may create your own legacy.


We believe in taking new-found knowledge and building a process that will fit your skill-set and professional goals. To do this, our team first makes sure that your goals matter to you. When you believe your goals matter, it makes them relevant which, in turn, makes them personal. f3Logic knows that true success is built from goals that originate in your personal and authentic self. Our firm works diligently towards educating financial professionals so they can build a business based on passion, desire, and fortitude and we strive to be selfless so you can strengthen your beliefs and goals.


As you build towards your professional goals, f3Logic wants to help you achieve real growth. Rather than focusing solely on AUM and balance sheet increases, we believe that greatness lies in growth from within. Positive and powerful growth means the evolution of you and your practice where clients recognize you as a top-tier advisor and you can help the community in which you live. We want you to look back at your career and see that your business did more than just grow, it evolved into a pillar of your community that served and guided others.

Learn. Build. Grow.

These three simple words have much deeper meaning. We believe that through our motto, “Learn. Build. Grow.”, you can change your perspective, take action, and evolve your business in a way that you never imagined possible.

Explore our website to learn more about f3Logic and how we can become a valuable partner to you and your firm.

Best regards,


Rich DeSalvo

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Learn. Build. Grow

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