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When our former firm was acquired three years ago, we had a difficult decision to make. Should we join a larger organization with more oversight and less freedom? OR, strike out on our own and take the path less traveled? Our group of top producers and talented back-end support staff came together during this time of uncertainty to start something new. f3Logic was born and took us from captivity to true entrepreneurial independence.

Our relationship with Fidelity, and our cutting-edge technology and services platform, make us well-positioned to offer you the opportunity for your own successful journey to an independent advisory practice.


“Our goal at f3Logic is to help as many advisors as possible reach the destination of freedom.”    – Kevin Nentwich


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Experience for yourself the f3 difference. It starts with our people.

Kevin Nentwich B&w.png
Kevin Nentwich

Managing Partner & Founder

“The time I spent at NPH was invaluable and helped shape my professional career. At f3Logic, I’m able to continue working with many of the fantastic folks I met in my previous position but with much more independence. We want to help more advisors reach the destination of freedom.”

Mary_Kusske b&w.png
Mary B. Kusske

Chief Financial Officer & Founder

“Deciding to leave NPH was difficult. However, f3Logic has given me the independence and freedom I had always hoped. I can now provide clients with financial education and put their needs first.”

Mike LaBrie 2 b&w.png
Michael J. LaBrie

“Following my time at NPH, I wanted to work for a company that prioritized clients’ needs over any other interest. With f3Logic’s added independence, I can focus more on my clients and less on corporate bureaucracy.”

tom_nee b&w.png
Thomas F. Nee, Jr.

Director of Insurance Services & Founder

“Transitioning from NPH to f3Logic has given me the opportunity help clients achieve the financial future that they truly desire with unbiased advice and virtually unlimited options."

wendy_martinez b&w.png
Wendy Martinez

Director of Operations

“I loved my time at National Planning Corporation and people I met there. Joining f3Logic team gave me the same great feeling with less bureaucracy. It was a move I’m glad I made.”

Jon DeSmidt.png
Jon DeSmidt

Chief Compliance Officer

“Prior to f3Logic, I was part of SII Investments and Investment Centers of America. While I was sad to say goodbye to so many great co-workers, f3Logic has equally great people, many of whom I already had worked with.”

Lindsey_Roehl b&w.png
Lindsey Roehl

Operations Manager

“After NPH, working for f3Logic has been a refreshing experience. Our team has the freedom to operate more efficiently and provide advisors’ with comprehensive support to better serve their clients.”

todd_kuen b&w 200x200.png
Todd Kuen

Manager of Technology Training & Support

“At f3Logic, we want to empower advisors to help clients in the best ways possible. Because of the independence afforded by f3Logic’s cutting edge platform, advisors are free to provide truly unbiased advice that always puts clients’ needs first.”

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Thomas F. Nee Jr. &

Michael J. LaBrie



Mary B. Kusske

Bustling New York
Richard DeSalvo
CEO & Founder

New York City

Metro Area

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Kevin Nentwich

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