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f3Logic in Virginia

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2104 West Laburnum Avenue,
Suite 101
Richmond, VA 23227

T: 804.377.9498

“Our goal at f3Logic is to help as many advisors as possible reach the destination of freedom.”    

- Kevin Nentwich

K. Nentwich Headshot-01.png

Kevin Nentwich

Strategy and Development Leader - Financial Planning

Our History | Financial Consultants of America

Most people believe financial advisors only work for the ultra-wealthy. Wouldn’t it be great to create a firm where clients could receive best-in-class financial advice in an environment where their needs come first, and everyone knows their name? There should be a place that can assist middle class and working people in the areas of retirement and estate planning, asset management, strategies for business owners, and taxes.


When Financial Consultants of America (FCA) was founded in 1997 by Kevin Nentwich, he envisioned that firm.  The Richmond, VA based firm is headed by Kevin (President and Senior Financial Advisor) and Erica Lucke (Director of Operations). Together, they lead a team of professional, experienced advisors and staff that foster long-term relationships with clients through advice that is customized and specific to achieve their financial goals. Many firms claim to establish trusted, long-term bonds between advisors and clients - but FCA really does it.


According to Kevin, “Our team spends most of their time doing service work and education. While investments are important, we invest a great deal of time in other areas to ensure that clients both understand and appreciate the services we offer.” This includes getting to know each client, discovering their individual needs, providing education about their financial options, and taking care of time-consuming tasks and paperwork associated with financial decisions. FCA puts a tremendous amount of effort into educational workshops, designed to help clients better understand and prepare for their financial future. Kevin feels that the more his team interacts with their clients, the more they can solidify the client-advisor relationship and better help them achieve their goals. FCA stands out from their peers in the depth of their relationships with their clients.


Kevin wants to help make financial information and education more accessible and help as many people as possible with their financial decisions to create better outcomes. Through their partnership with f3Logic, Kevin believes they can more effectively give clients the power to control their destiny.

Our Purpose and Vision | Advisor Freedom

The financial advisory industry is being controlled by fewer companies that are dictating to advisors how much money they can make, what products they can offer, and how they can best serve their clients. This change is leading advisors to look for a way to become independent. Many Advisors have never run their own business, relying on a large organization to provide back-end support. Kevin understands this issue and wants f3Logic to fill that gap so an advisor can do what they do best, create fruitful relationships with clients and help them achieve their unique financial goals.

All information above has been prepared solely for informational purposes, and it is not an offer to buy or sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security or instrument or to participate in any particular trading strategy. Financial Consultants of America is a Registered Investment Adviser. 

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