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Your path to making Adhesion worry-free.

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Created for you with Adhesion in mind.

Engage with f3Logic in three ways:

1/ Fully utilize Adhesion with f3Link

We offer concierge level support for RIA firms that would like to use Adhesion but don’t qualify due to AUM restrictions. From project planning to billing administration, we make usingAdhesion worry free.

2/ Invested Advisor Representative (IAR)

We welcome those who wish to join f3Logic as a tuck-in with your own DBA or as employee. We customize your business platform with a full suite of coaching, compliance, technology and even co-fiduciary services.

3/ Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

We help you achieve true independence. We equip your team with the cutting-edge technology and specialized skills you need to attain unparalleled client satisfaction with complete control over your investment strategies and growth initiatives.

Tech Stack

If you are small RIA firm that wants to use Adhesion but don’t have the appropriate AUM levels for support, f3Link can assist.


Operational Support

Coordinate project plans for transition and onboarding to Adhesion

Troubleshooting and quickly resolving service-related items

Dedicated service team to assist with Adhesion service requests

Billing Administration through portfolio administration system

Ongoing advisor support, training and education

Download the f3Link Information Deck
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