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Secure Your Succession.

Prepare your practice for an inevitable transition.

Put your family and clients in good hands with f3Legacy.

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No two transitions are the same. Make this one your last!

There is no boilerplate solution for a successful succession plan, so we customize f3Legacy to fit your needs. Also, f3Legacy is available free of charge to f3Logic clients as part of your arrangement to utilize any other f3 service.


Individual advisors with private practices are experiencing the same problem across the Financial Advisory industry. There is no framework for succession should they get sick, pass away, or depart their practice for any other reason. This leaves clients out in the cold and potential beneficiaries without a plan.

With f3Legacy, advisors have access to two great options for succession:

1/ Coaching to grow your business and train the next generation of advisors.

Take advantage of f3Logic’s depth of knowledge. 

2/ Optional commitment to sell practice to f3Logic.

Simplest solution to succession. For Advisors that don’t currently have a transition plan, advisors would have the option to make a commitment to sell their firm to f3Logic and help secure the financial future of their clients and beneficiaries.

Download the f3Legacy Checklist
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