Overcome Fiduciary Fatigue & Expand Your Toolbox

Expand Your Toolbox

Expand your toolbox with an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO)


An OCIO acts as a co-fiduciary with legal accountability to protect your client’s  assets and advise you objectively about investment opportunities and applicable market risks. 

Overcome Fiduciary Fatigue

We improve fiduciary oversight to effectively account for and comply with increasingly dynamic regulations.


f3Logic offers co-fiduciary status on all advisory accounts to address the problem of regulatory risk.

Customized Portfolios

The Freedom Program and the Liberty Program have been designed just for you.


We work with each advisor to help craft a customized, institutional investment approach. From here, we collaborate with each advisor to align the portfolio with the end client.

A Conversation with Our OCIO

What is your general philosophy? And as it pertains specifically to f3IM Models?

We believe that observing where you are in the business cycle is critical for understanding markets. We have developed a four-pronged framework that centers on measuring valuations, economic growth, monetary policy, and price trends in an attempt to stack probabilities in our clients’ favor. The f3IM models can have segments of each portfolio tied to one or all of the aforementioned four-prongs of the investment framework.

What specifically does f3IM offer?

f3IM offers services to help empower the five areas of advisor value. Those are: 1) Behavioral management and Financial planning. 2) Asset allocation (strategic and tactical). 3) Security selection and due diligence. 4) Rebalancing and execution. 5) Tax management. After building out processes and procedures around these areas in collaboration with the advisor, f3IM then provides a comprehensive business analysis. The business analysis is for the purposes of streamlining the overall investment approach across a book of business. f3IM then supports the advisor in the implementation and management of portfolios. f3IM also offers large-case design services to help advisors with complicated investment opportunities.

What is unique about the f3IM digital models?

f3IM incorporates an evidence-based approach that doesn’t rely on predictions or is dictated by emotion. The approach is quantitative, systematic, and entirely rules-based. We believe discipline is paramount to long-term investment success.

How does f3IM help advisors increase their retail business?

By consulting advisors on the five areas of advisor value and integrating the investment approach with the overall planning goals helps our advisors gain referrals. Furthermore, practice management resources are available for advisors to leverage to help build out seminars, advisory boards, and scripts for asking for client advocacy. Large case design assists advisors with the proposal support and presentation assistance (if needed) for larger client opportunities.

Model Portfolios

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 12.19.44 PM.png

Freedom Program

The Freedom Unified Managed Account Program is desired for investors with at least $100,000 to invest who wish to utilize a well-researched institutional money management process utilizing a custom-tailored, granular approach with individual equities. Investors of the Freedom UMA will enjoy access to multiple separately managed account sleeves that are actively managed by the UMA overlay process to gain maximum tax efficiency and risk-appropriate market exposure.

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Liberty Program

The Liberty Program is designed for investors with as little as $10,000 who wish to have access to a rigorous and well-researched institutional money management process utilizing pooled investment vehicles. Liberty models provide these clients with diversified investment allocations, including the implementation of alternatives to actively manage downside risk while managing access to market returns consistent with investors’ desired risk tolerance.

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