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Putting power back in Advisors' hands.

Your choice, your control.

No matter how you choose to work with us,  we provide a high level of service. Any decision can be revocable, and we will support you through the journey you choose.

Join f3Logic your way:

1/ Join as Investment Advisor Representative (IAR)

We welcome those who wish to join f3Logic as a tuck-in with your own DBA or as employee. We customize your business platform with a full suite of consulting, compliance, technology and even co-fiduciary services.

2/ Join as Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

We help you achieve true independence. We equip your team with the cutting-edge technology and specialized skills you need to attain unparalleled client satisfaction with complete control over your investment strategies and growth initiatives.


Work with f3Logic your way:

1/ Middle/Back Office Support

f3Logic supports your business by taking on any and all middle and back-office tasks. From billing and vendor administration duties to opening accounts and money movement requests, f3Logic has the infrastructure to provide these services and truly be an extension of your office service team.

2/ Technology Support

f3Logic provides and supports a state-of-the-art integrated technology stack for advisors and RIAs. As a partner, you get on-going access to our technology team for training, building integrations, and ongoing administration duties. In addition, you benefit from f3Logic’s enterprise pricing contracts.

3/ f3Investment Management TAMP

Models/strategy, trading, market commentary, and research. Click here for more information.


The Power of Simplicity

f3Logic allows advisors to focus on their core business by providing firms with experience-driven back and middle-office support structures. We offer the only comprehensive solution for launching, operating and growing every aspect of your advisory business.

Maintain control while acquiring all the professional resources you need, in one place.


Technology Suite

CRM System


Custody & Clearing


SMA & UMA Platform

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Document Management


Portfolio Accounting

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Financial Planning Software


Risk-Analysis Software


Client Portal



Our Services

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Mike Vaccaro

Head of Business Development, Investment Advisor Representative

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