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f3Logic Welcomes Daniel Rivers of Rivers Investment Group


August 6, 2020 — f3Logic is proud to announce a partnership with Rivers Investment Group. Headquartered in Camden, Arkansas, Rivers Investment Group is an independent wealth management firm led by Daniel Rivers.

Daniel Rivers has more than 30 years of investment experience. He provides clients comprehensive investment planning services with a unique and passionate focus on portfolio management and risk.  Danny believes it is crucial to put risk assessment at the forefront of the planning process and establish the client’s comfort range.

When considering a transition of client assets, Danny knew he would face a significant challenge and need support to succeed in a timely manner. In many cases, undertaking this task can mean a protracted period where an advisor is unable to assist clients or earn money due to the demanding number of tasks involved. Despite the potential challenges, Danny knew he wanted to make the change. He decided to employ the services of f3Logic to help realize this goal, hoping to take as little time away from his clients and business as possible.

“f3Logic gave my firm the support we needed to make this transition as efficient and smooth as possible. I was able to move assets while focusing on what I love most, taking care of my clients,” Danny said of his experience.

The f3Logic team took special care to meticulously plan each step and explain what Danny and his support staff person, Debbie, would need to prepare and accomplish in the days ahead. f3Logic then helped them gather data, prepare and execute documents, collect signatures, host client events, and so much more.

Over the course of less than one month, f3Logic helped Danny transition 90% of his clients’ assets, moving 70% of it in about two weeks with a NIGO (not in good order) statistic of nearly zero. At the end of the process, Rivers Investment Group had transitioned 110% of expected assets to a new custodian, even converting some non-advisory assets prior to the move, and had a newfound independence from the large financial advisory system.

On the partnership and transition, Kevin Nentwich, Managing Partner & Founder of f3Logic stated, “We are proud to have helped Danny Rivers and River Investment Group move towards the goal of true independence. f3Logic will continue to support Rivers Investment Group to help ensure his clients receive the best service possible.”

Advisory services are offered through f3Logic, LLC, a registered investment advisor.

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