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We at f3Logic would like to take a moment to update you on the action steps we’re taking in these unprecedented times.

First and foremost, f3Logic, its founders, their respective firms, and our staff have put health, self-care, and safety first, advising everyone to work from home. This is essential as many have children and are taking on the added role of monitoring their schooling.

Like so many others, we’re using video calling to stay connected and make opportunities happen while ensuring that we provide the tools advisors need to assist their clients in the best ways possible. Currently, I believe it’s crucial to be present and continually show positive reinforcement to all. This is where leaders are born, and advisors prove their worth.

It starts with each of us realizing that our professional skills are portable. While working from home, we can still demonstrate our talents, passion, and value to the firm at the same high level. Even though we are separated, we can move forward confidently with individual leadership and collective strength.

Like many RIA firms that were speaking with advisors about transition, there is an understandable pause in this conversation. Rather than press the matter, this is a time to help advisors be comfortable with uncertainty. By staying calm and exercising patience, advisors can focus on assuaging clients’ fears and help them make the best decisions for their specific financial situations.

Although advisors may not be moving to new firms at this time, they will continue to consider their careers and what the best next step may be. Thus, we are actively staying in front of advisors via phone calls, online video chat, social media posts, and blogs (see our most recent blogs: The Power of Speak and Zoom in on your Clients).

Furthermore, with revenues being challenged, we are actively available to assist advisors in the RIA wealth space as they conduct vendor reviews and look to replace individual middle and back-office services. From technology, billing, and reconciliation to reporting, budgeting, and forecasting, we are actively pursuing firms that want to improve their processes in a cost effective and efficient manner.

We believe this situation is about knowing what you’re good at, focusing on your strengths, and finding tangential business avenues that allow you to adapt to this changing landscape. The f3Logic team is certainly learning a great deal about our mindset, resolve, and collective strength. We are confident that we will not only get through this but will be even stronger because of it.


Instead of letting uncertainty slow us down, we will use it as a catalyst to continue to serve others and be an industry leader.


Best regards,


Richard DeSalvo
f3Logic, LLC
P: (201) 787-0799

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