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Our Services

Our comprehensive list of services help you take your independence as an advisor from conception to completion in a single stream.

As professionals with many years of experience in the investment industry, we are equipped to provide a range of services that go above and beyond investment solutions.  With the complexity of your project and your goals in mind, we provide licensed professionals and consultants, to do the work that they have knowledge in.  We coordinate the entire team, so that you don’t have to.

Our customized services equip advisors with the cutting-edge technology and specialized skills they need to achieve unparalleled client satisfaction. Built by advisors for advisors, our offerings are designed to give you complete control over your investment strategies and growth initiatives of your business whilst enjoying all of the benefits of a leading service provider. 


Some leading services that we provide include:

Consulting & Training

Investment Solutions

Insurance Solutions

Technology & Operations

Compliance Support

Marketing, Design, & Social Media


Consulting & Training

Processes that define goals & engineer framework for independence.

Vision and Strategy Planning

We craft your investment philosophy and develop a customized wealth management process that you can implement to build loyal client advocates.

Design and Execution Services

Design solutions that start at a conceptual level and become more refined as various systems are integrated. We work with you and your team to monitor the implementation process and to provide the middle and back office support needed to sustain your strategy.

Project Management 

Our team of professionals stays in constant collaboration with your firm to help you stay ahead of market changes and that your process adapts accordingly.


Technology & Operations

f3Logic allows advisors to focus on their core business by providing firms with solid back and middle office support structures. 


As an architect for the independent advisor's building process, f3Logic provides the foundation that gives advisors back the time they need to focus on client management and business development by streamlining their practice, alleviating resource pressures, and adding efficiency and scale to every day operations. This includes custodian services, technology resources, billing calculation, fee generation, account opening and servicing, tax optimization, and proposal generation.

Customer Service

Our dedicated customer support staff works with you to mitigate the execution risk and support operations necessary for effective portfolio performance.


Advisors are able to leverage the latest technological advancements to revolutionize the client experience, while adding scale and efficiency to their business.

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Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions

f3Logic believes in providing advisors with investment services that rival and surpass large organizations. 

Expand your Toolbox

f3Logic can help you bring modern investment designs and strategies to your clients quickly—without the costs and confinement of traditional development at large institutions. Our open architecture is designed to help meet the spectrum of investor needs and features options to allow customization of offerings for all unique situations.

Holistic Portfolio Management

We work with each advisor to help craft a customized, institutional investment approach. From here, we collaborate with each advisor to align the portfolio with the end client.

Unique Approach to Risk

Our unique focus on risk mitigation strategies helps to foster successful portfolio performance and satisfied end clients. We account for the behavioral biases of an investor when customizing their risk profile. 

Additional Staff Supervision

Maintaining an in-house investment staff is as challenging as it is time consuming. Our specialized team of investment consultants and researchers help lessen this burden with their wealth of knowledge.

Compliance Support

Compliance Support

f3Logic knows that compliance rules are as important as they are obscure.


f3Logic's Chief Compliance Officer oversees potential compliance issues and can provide their knowledge to help avoid problems before they occur.

Overcoming Fiduciary Fatigue

We improve fiduciary oversight to effectively account for and comply with increasingly dynamic regulations. f3Logic offers co-fiduciary status on all advisory accounts to address the problem of regulatory risk. f3 Investment Management (f3IM) is an investment company designed to help financial advisors succeed.  Chief Investment Officer support services are designed to deliver superior investment management, through a suite of solutions that span equity, fixed income, and alternative strategies.  We believe that investor psychology is the driving force behind markets and f3IM applies behavioral finance to build customized portfolios.  Moreover, we offer a co-fiduciary status on your client's accounts so that you have the support you need to deliver a high quality end product for each client. Thus, if you ever have a customer complaint and/or an investment regulatory issue, having a co-fiduciary status is a form of protection that a third-party firm will support your efforts and help defend your investment processes.

Monitoring and Alerts

f3Logic is consistently monitoring the ever-changing regulatory environment to help advisors stay up to date on all new developments. As new laws are passed, f3Logic provides alerts to advisors and works with each one to determine any effect it may have. 


Insurance Solutions

f3Logic believes holistic financial advisors are also talking to their clients about insurance. 


f3 Insurance Solutions is a full-service partner designed for financial professionals to help add risk management to the financial planning process. We are happy to align with the top insurance companies to help your clients in risk management.


We'll help by focusing on life insurance, annuity, and extended care planning needs. It's much more than products and sales. Our team will align with your firm's unique methods to support your holistic design and maximize planning strategies within a client's portfolio. 


Marketing, Design, and Social Media Support

f3Logic knows that having a good message is as important as communicating that message effectively.


Marketing & Design

f3Logic is partnered with a marketing and graphic design firm uniquely familiar with the financial services industry that is ready to create the collateral needed to attract and retain clients. 

Protocol & Non-Protocol



With more flexibility than non-protocol during transition, we can create messaging that tells your story, your way.


Even with limited client data, f3 can help create a professional and impactful marketing strategy to complement your business brand and provide a quality experience for your clients.


We understand the delicate balance between solicitation and providing information in a non-protocol environment.


From “garden leave” to non-solicitation agreements, f3 will support your transition with an emphasis on legal and compliance issues when rebranding yourself – especially to your clients.

Social Media

f3Logic is partnered with a social media guru from the financial industry ready to provide support to your company's public facing profiles and posts.

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