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About Us

Our passion for fiduciary services, our experience in the investment industry, and our commitment to building lasting relationships, enables us to provide a high level of service.

f3Logic helps advisors engineer functional business structures that support the way they work and service their clients; for today and far in the future. We aim to create inspiring plans and training sessions that compliment and enhance each unique advisor.  


For wealth advisors and their clients, trust is the foundation upon which solid relationships are built.  f3Logic provides advisors with the opportunity to be independent by offering them best in class outsourcing of all their back-office needs. This allows advisors to offer their clients the same level of service and products they have come to expect from the large national wealth advisory companies while allowing them to retain their freedom of thought, entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to grow their practice.


Advisors are empowered with the freedom to adapt to economic changes and unique client needs through f3Logic. By providing access to a completely open platform of investments with full transparency of fees, advisors can provide the solution that best serves their clients rather than only the products and services a large financial institution allows on their platform. This translates into over 20,500 possible funds from more than 600 fund companies. Advisors also have the flexibility through f3 Investment Management to build custom options at reasonable prices for those clients that expect bespoke solutions.

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